"It feels like you are teaching us how to be better human beings."

- Ethan, after a workshop in New York City, USA, 2017

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Elia’s workshops and instructional videos bring joy. They teach skills and inspire the soul. And they honor the power of dance to help express, celebrate, and heal. 

His workshops offer us a safe place to feel comfortable as individuals while belonging to a larger group.  Using dance as playful self-expression, we reconnect to our own stories and recapture our full strength.

Elia’s methodology draws from his background of Contemporary dance, House dance, Breakdance, Qi Gong, athletic training, and somatic therapy.


Contemporary Cypher

Where House Dance meets Contemporary Dance meets Folk Dance.

Contemporary Cypher uses ancient knowledge to inform our present practice and shape the future of dance.

This workshop is based on the cypher — a dance circle of energy to support the individual in the group. It blends the energetic practice of Qi Gong, the musical groove of House/Breakdance, and the contemporary concepts of space, composition, and movement games.

We first connect our breath and movement, then add music and find joy through groove. We advance into playing with floor work skills, partner play, and movement games, including toys like balls, sticks, and towels.  At the end we blend it all into the art of performance and storytelling. And we take the journey together as a collective tribe of individuals.


Up & Down

A movement workshop that blends Feldenkrais and Dance

"Up & Down" is a workshop taught by Elia Mrak and Irene Lyon. It blends Feldenkraisian awareness through movement lessons, deep inquiry into the mind-body space via playful movement, and lively discussion. 

Each day will be rich and full of opportunity to get active and moving in a creative way, and to quietly investigate and explore your body and mind.

I felt more ‘juice’ in my joints and space opening up within my body. We were smiling and looking at one another in the eye. This is not just a movement class but a culture.
— christine, after an Up & Down workshop in vancouver, B.C. 2016