Testimonials from Participants

“I’m 70 but still just as active, engaging in lots of cardio activity. However no matter how much aerobic and anaerobic exercise I’m doing for my cardiovascular system there is something glaringly missing from this list: doing much in the way of flexibility work. Why? Because I don’t like it, especially yoga pose or stretching.. I’m not good at it. I don’t quite know what to do. Yet I know that unless I do something more than my normal exercise I will steadily lose the flexibility I need.

Elia’s movements have filled that void. They are dynamic movements, not poses or stretches. They trick you into becoming flexible. You can ramp up or down the degree of difficulty. They include dance, a scary word for many people until you realize that the dance movements are accessible and enjoyable, particularly with the great accompanying music. And a bonus to all this is that the movements are perfect for warming-up and cooling down when doing your regular exercise (at least until this becomes your regular exercise).”

— Richard, Age 70, Recreational Athlete

“Elia is a passionate, intuitive, and joyful teacher. He blends techniques from many different practices to create movement that is fun, healing, revitalizing, accessible, and unique. As a bodyworker, I have shared his practices and videos with my clients for years, as they are a great tool for helping people feel more connected to their bodies, increasing mobility, and releasing physical (and mental) tension. I love that the movements are simple yet profound, so they are accessible for beginners but there are always more layers to explore for more advanced movers. Having experienced many different types of movement/dance/exercise, Elia's classes are the most holistically nourishing practice I have found - they leave my body, spirit, and mind energized, easeful, happy, and integrated. If you want to feel more comfortable in your body, experience less pain, have fun, dance to great music, connect to yourself and other beautiful humans, and smile a lot, now you know who to turn to.”

— Katie, Age 35, Massage Therapist

“Had a great time attending this drop in class live and especially enjoyed the teacup movement section. Great fun and way to encourage gentle motion. I'll come back and watch it over and over again! Thanks for a wonderful experience.”

— Becky

“I have participated in two 'Up and Down' workshops offered by Elia and Irene Lyon, one of his "A Dance and a Party" performances and in his first online "Movement as Medicine" session. I always come out with a big smile and with a deeper feeling of embodiment. Elia has a unique talent to communicate deep wisdom with few words. And the best part is that he does it with such gentleness, humility, and humor. His sessions are an invitation to return to our bodies and to honor our movement regardless of where we are in any given moment. I love there is so much power in the simplicity of the movements. Everytime, I participate in a session I can feel how my energy and my mood shifts. His words "a little bit is a lot" have stuck with me and motivate in every area of my life, including my movement practice.”

— Arlene

“I attended your first drop in class online and found it to be such infectious fun, teaching and music that I got up and danced on my injured leg! I’m so glad that you’re planning two more classes and I plan to be there for them. I enjoyed your teaching style, your metaphors and the synthesis of al the different things you enjoy in life!”

— Moyra, participant from Kenya

“I attended your drop-class live and wanted to thank you. I was part of the SBSM group this Spring and got so much from your classes there. So much fun to be able to continue with that in this drop-in. Yes, I liked the music and also your "explanations" or philosophy, love hearing about it all. It's great that Nervous System healing doesn't need to be "serious" all the time :> Thanks so much for doing this!

— Mina