I offer work online to reach more people in the comfort of their own homes, offices, and movement spaces.


Quality teaching changes lives. Please check out my free and paid offerings below.

Free Online Movement Classes

I share these so that you can become familiar with some elements of my work. For a more complete experience of my work, please sign-up for the online drop-in classes below where I will guide you and the group through a wholistic approach of movement while unpacking one specific practice each session for a unique and joyful experience.

Paid Online Drop-in Classes

What is a drop-in class?

Simple! Just pay for the class and show up (or catch the recording if you can’t make it live). No weekly commitment or monthly subscription required.

What will you learn?

You will learn a combination of:

  1. Fun dance steps to feel the rhythm and get into the groove.

  2. Basic Chinese medicine movements to benefit your overall system health.

  3. Simple mobility exercises to gain flexibility and ease pain.

  4. Nervous System Practices to help with regulation.

  5. Self-Massage techniques to help relieve pain and tension.

Class Structure

The class will be one hour long. I will use verbal instruction, music, and non-verbal cues to guide us.

  • First 15 minutes: I will use foundational movements and practices drawing from Chinese Medicine and Nervous System healing to warm our system up. This will stay consistent from class to class.

  • The middle 30 minutes will be a different focus each class, including topics such as: Mobility, Rhythm, Balance, Coordination, Strength, and Power. This will provide an experience of familiarity and newness with each class.

  • The Last 15 minutes: I will use breathing practices to help calm the system and self-massage techniques to ease tension and relax the body. This will stay consistent from class to class.


In the comfort of your own living room, office, or movement space. I encourage you to wear the most comfortable clothes you own!