Voting with your Feet


no matter what the cause, what the issue, where it's at, or who its with, the most militant form of protesting for change is still collective movement.

the one common thread in all the marches is the marching. the chants are powerful, the signs are witty, but they have no momentum without the shuffling of the feet.

the most important part of the Hindu wedding ceremony is walking 7 steps with the person you are committing your life to. the same can be said for the causes and social issues to which we commit our morality.

people come together to walk and to march - to most literally and viscerally move themselves in solidarity with others in order to move the world. its so basic, we almost forget it's all that matters.

it feels good. and damn, it even looks good.

vote with your feet.

Elia Rubin Mrak Blumberg