Our body as a toy

I was with my 3 little nephews last week. And the littlest one kept repeating the same phrase "Sockeye Salmon". Which is awesome in its own right. And my older sis told me that kids will do that because they are continuing to learn it - what it sounds like, what it means, what it feels like on their lips and tongues as they say it, how people react to it, etc.

And she told me that kids do the same thing with TOYS - they will keep playing with a toy until there is nothing left to learn from it, and then they will move onto another toy. Kids are brilliant. Well, I figure that our body is a toy, and there is always something more to learn from it. So what if we take a STEP, or a RHYTHM, and treat it like playing with a toy - move it, flip it, imagine with it, be curious with it, and then move on - ahhh, I guess thats the part where the analogy breaks down and we learn to love ourselves, and find rejuvenation through our own movement.

Anyway, here is a simple "Side Step" as a movement toy.

(Movement starts at 1:49 if you want to jump ahead)

PS - By the way, I really appreciate the recent support and interaction with the videos and studies and play sessions I post. I would love for them to be more interactive, so if there are questions, or ideas, or people's own practices and explorations, please feel free to share them, write them, whatever. The body is a communication tool.

Movement Video!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MmHDhG8KIc

Elia Rubin Mrak Blumberg