“His way to get people to move is inviting in a positive setting. We need it. America needs it. LETS GET MOVING.”


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The Mission:

amovementmovement (A2M) ® is our vision to create a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing The 40 | 40™ program to underserved senior communities throughout the USA starting in 2020.

It is vital that The 40 | 40™ Program is offered to the people it serves in their own communities, and that it is 100% free for all participants. 

The 40 | 40™ program combines movement, nutrition, parties, and performances. Different from typical healthcare programs, the methodology blends the healing arts of dance, Qigong, and functional movements for balance, strength, and coordination. Read more about the 40/40™ methodology.

The program succeeds through the union of individual attention and collective celebration. This nourishes, heals, and inspires participants to thrive and literally stay vital. Read the supporting scientific research.

The 40 | 40™ program improves the participants’ ability to move up and down from the ground, and in and out of a chair, which is the number one metric for overall health and life expectancy. Read the supporting scientific research.

“I don’t use my cane anymore.”

— Gloria "Miss G" Torres, age 65, Atlantic City, New Jersey 2017

The How:

We are developing several sources of revenue to support our mission:

  • MOVEMENT ORGANIZATIONS. We will partner with industry leaders and ‘movement-based organizations—rock climbing and fitness gyms, yoga and pilates studios, dance and theater companies, movement culture practitioners—to fund our work.  By opting in, they agree to donate a percentage of proceeds to A2M ®, helping to bring The 40 | 40™ program to people who need it.  

  • HOUSING DEVELOPERS. We will partner with low-income housing real estate developers, who have an incentive to offer a better product for their tenants to receive government contracts. This is how The 40 | 40™ program was funded in San Diego and Atlantic City.

  • GRANTS. We will use city, county, and federal-level grants to provide access to our programming. 

  • INSURANCE COMPANIES. We’ll work with insurance companies to offer the kind of affordable programming that addresses key health metrics and helps companies lower their costs. 

  • DONATIONS. We hope people like you will donate to our program. We are all connected, and we all want to support something we believe in. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”  The same is true for health; his is a collective vision that relies on your support to bring it to life.

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The Long Game:

We build a sustainable community program that creates two new jobs. 

We find and train program leaders from the movement world to lead 9-12 month projects.  In the first weeks, the leaders learn how to lead The 40 | 40™ program through a training course.  Afterwards, they head on-site to lead classes, organize events, and serve the community. During the last few months, the program leader trains a community member to continue leading the program after the original leader departs.  This transfer of leadership ensures the work’s sustainability by creating a job for someone inside the community to continue the program, providing lasting healthcare for all.

"I stopped taking my pain meds because doing this program makes them unnecessary.”

— Albert, Age 65, Atlantic City, New Jersey 2017

The History:

We have successfully implemented The 40 | 40™ in three different projects: Seattle (2013) at a downtown gym; San Diego (2016) for low-income families; Atlantic City (2017) for low-income elderly and differently-abled residents.