His way to get people to move is inviting in a positive setting.... We need it. America needs it. LETS GET MOVING.
— Adrienne, 39, Mother of 2, Participant in The 40/40™. San Diego 2016

Elsa, Age 65

"For the past years, after my coma, I haven't had much feeling in my right side. And today, look - I can do this for the first time [circling right foot]!"


Blake, Ast-Mgr.

"Even after they came in and remodeled the apartments, people weren't actually any happier. They didn't talk to each other more, and they didn't do anything about their health. And that was 2 years ago...But after just 6 weeks of this program, there is more change than ever before. People are happier, they talk with each other, and they are moving, eating better, inspired to keep living with vitality."


Geri, Age 83

“I used to go to my senior exercise classes, but I started coming to these ones cause they are much more fun.”


Carol, Age 61

“I just came back from the doctor where I just got two shots in my knee for arthritis. But actually I feel better just by doing class.”


Ari, Age 58

“I have never seen people smiling at each other in the halls and elevators the way they do now before and after class. They never used to do this. It makes me smile, too."


Albert, Age 65

"I stopped taking my prescription meds because doing this program makes them unnecessary."


Klara, Age 15, (Immigrant from Mosul, Iraq)

“Now I am more outgoing, less self-conscious about my body, and my general perception of being healthy has changed for the better.”


“My friends tell me that I look different. That above all else, I look happier.” - Melissa, Age 37, Mother

“I’m stronger, more flexible, willing to try more things and more positive in spirit. [I’m] Making myself and my body a priority.” - Courtney, Age 40, Mother

“I’m looking forward to it everyday. I even encouraged my kids to attend the Saturday class. They even like it! I love the way Mr. Elia do the exercise routine. I‘m really glad that I belong to this program. I regret some people wasn’t able to try it - they don’t know what they’re missing. Thank you Mr. Elia.” - Menchie, Mother, Age 37


Birth of The 40/40and the original Golden Ticket

Club ZUM, Seattle, 2013